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August 07, 2022

Air Pump Adapters

Air Pump Adapters

Air Pump Adaptors

These superb quality Air Pump Adaptors are made to the highest standards and are available in numerous size configurations to fit virtually any air line.

For use with all air pumps these adapators can control the flow of air via their inbuilt ball valves giving greater control over the air flow and it's destination.

These adaptors are built to last and will prove to be a wise investment.

Adaptors and ManifoldsAs you can see from the image left they are available in several configurations and there should be one that meets your requirements.

Important Note:

When ordering these valves, please inform us of the air line size for us to supply the correct hose fittings as these are variable.

SKU Description Price Order
ADLIN In Line Piece - Single inlet to Single Valved Outlet £ 6.95 Add To Cart
ADSIN1 Single Outlet Pump Adapter - 1 way £ 9.95 Add To Cart
ADTEET Single Outlet Pump Adapter Tee Through (T Piece - 1 way through) £ 18.50 Add To Cart
ADTRI Tripple Outlet Pump Adapter (X Piece - 3 Way) £ 18.50 Add To Cart
ADTEED Dual Outlet Pump Tee Piece Through (X Piece - 2 Way) £ 18.50 Add To Cart
ADTEEB Single Outlet Pump Adapter Tee Blanked (T Piece - 2 way Blanked) £ 18.50 Add To Cart
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Stainless Steel Manifolds
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