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February 01, 2023

Aeration For Koi Ponds Aerated Domes Aerated Dome Conversion

Aerated Dome Conversion

Aerated Dome Conversion

Aerated Domes

The Aerated Dome is designed for use only in water filled fish ponds. It is suitable for use in water only at depth of between 2ft and 8ft.

The Aerated Dome is pressurized with air while in the pond. This causes air to be forced out of the 4500(approx) slits which are cut out of the rubber membrane. This allows air bubbles to be formed at the bottom of the pond which subsequently rise due to their natural buoyancy. During the bubbles travel from the bottom of the pond to the surface, oxygen is transferred into the water.

The amount of oxygen transferred depends upon the flow rate of the air through the aerator, the oxygen already in the water and the water temperature. The maximum recommended air flow rate through the unit is 20 litres/min (1.2cubic metres/hour)

The Aerated Dome must not be pressurized at any pressure while out of the pond.

The Aerated dome must not be subjected to an internal air pressure in excessive of 6 pounds per square inch (6 PSI).

The Aerated Dome must only be used with air pumps specifically designed to aerate pond water.

SKU Description Price Order
DOME50 Aerated Dome Assembly 50mm Stem C a l l C a l l
DOME48 Aerated Dome Assembly 48.3mm Stem C a l l C a l l
DOME43 Aerated Dome Assembly 43mm Stem C a l l C a l l
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