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April 01, 2023

Water Purifiers Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump

Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump

Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump
Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump

The Aqua Forte Dosatech Doasage Pump is a perisaltic pump which can add liquid solutions directly into the piping system of your pond. With dose rates up to 60ml and hour and the added benefit to change the doseage of a liquid product by a single touch on the button. It is possible with the Dosatech dosage pump!

This peristaltic pump ensures a daily dosing of any liquid product, like Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear and Alg-Stop Liquid. This way you can create the best circumstances for your pond continuously.

Benefits of using a dosage pump:

A big advantage of small daily dosages of living bacterial products compared to bigger monthly dosages is the so called ‘Yakult/Actimel effect’. With larger monthly dosages the bacteria that don’t find food will die. With small daily dosages more than 30 different species of living bacteria will enter the pond looking for food.

The Dosatech can be used for dosing any liquid product like anti blanket weed products, phosphate binders, Ph+/Ph-products, etc. The neoprene hose makes it possible to add various types of solutions to the water of your pond.
Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump Schematic
Product Benefits:
  • Dosage of up to 60 ml an hour, dosage separately adjustable for each hour.
  • Digital indication when the pump head needs replacing (after 6000 hours).
  • Easy to install thanks to the compact design.
  • Neoprene hose and suction and injection nipples supplied.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • 2 Year warranty on manufacturing faults.

Please note that the dosage bottles are not supplied

Dosatech Supplied with:

Neoprene hose, suction and injection nipples
  • 1: Injection nipples with 3/8” male threaded.
  • 2: clamp saddle for easy installation
  • 3: suction nipple in liquid (e.g. Bi Carb)
  • 4: Socket nipple 1” male thread. x 3/8” female thread

A superb quality product with numerous uses and benefits.

SKU Description Price Order
DOS9664 Aqua Forte Dosatech Dosage Pump £ 109.00 Add To Cart
DOS9665 Aqua Forte Dosatech Spare Head Pump £ 28.95 Add To Cart
DOS9666 Aqua Forte Dosatech Clamp Saddle 50mm x 1 inch £ 2.95 Add To Cart
DOS9667 Aqua Forte Dosatech Clamp Saddle 63mm x 1 inch £ 3.25 Add To Cart
DOS9668 Aqua Forte Dosatech Socket Nipple 3/8 inch x 1 inch £ 1.95 Add To Cart
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