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February 01, 2023

Bio-UV Professional

Bio-UV Professional
Bio Uv Professional

These Bio-UV Professional UV Sterilizers are constructed from high grade stainless steel (316L) and have unequalled performance especially at high flow rates. The 150mm diameter of the housing assures a minimum exposure time of 2 seconds to the UV radiation at the recommended flow rates (see table below).

Due to the use of special "High Intensity" UV lamps with an output od 30,000 micro watts and the minimum exposure time of 2 seconds these units will kill microscopic algae as well as 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and viruses, including Aeronomanas, Pseudomonas and Legionella!

The type and choice of BIO-UV lamp should be based on an effective flow rate per hour provided by the pump, rather than on the volume of the pond. These superb BIO-UV lamps are used instead of Chlorine for the disinfection of swimming pools, such is their effectivness against harmful bateria and viruses.

Bio-uv Professional Product Features:
  • (316L) Stainless Steel Construction
  • Maximum continuous pressure - 3 Bar
  • Maximum wtar temperature up to 40°C
  • 8000 hours of effective Lamp life.
These superb units with a their 6" Body and 2-3" returns designed for today's high flow system. The system incorporates a single lamp for ponds up to 30,000 gallons, with a long life lamp of 8000 hours. All units are IPS4 rating. Kills 99.9% of algae spores, bacteria and viruses.

Size (Length x Diameter)

42 x 15 cm

69 x 15 cm

94 x 15 cm

120 x 15 cm

Flow Rate (Litres per Hour)

7,000 lph

14,000 lph

23,000 lph

32,000 lph

Flow Rate (gallons per Hour)

1,540 gph

3,100 gph

5,060 gph

7,050 gph

UV Exposure Time

2.8 sec

2.6 sec

2.3 sec

2.1 sec

Power Consumption (watt)

38 watt

59 watt

75 watt

102 watt

Chamber Size

6" (15 cm)

6" (15 cm)

6" (15 cm)

6" (15 cm)

Chamber Water Volume

6.4 Ltr

11.7 ltr

14.7 ltr

17.3 ltr

Inlet / Outlet

50 mm

50 mm

63 mm

75 mm

SKU Description Price Order
BIO-UV10 Bio-UV 10 Professional £ 845.00 Add To Cart
BIO-UV20 Bio-UV 20 Professional £ 1045.00 Add To Cart
BIO-UV30 Bio-UV 30 Professional £ 1345.00 Add To Cart
BIO-UV40 Bio-UV 40 Professional £ 1625.00 Add To Cart

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