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January 30, 2023

Pond Liners Butyl Pond Liners

Butyl Pond Liners

Butyl Pond Liners Overview

Butyl pond liners are made from premium, synthetic rubber pond liner recommended by leading European water gardening experts. It has been field tested for more than forty years in hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the world, varying in size from 25sq. ft garden ponds to 4,000,000sq. ft water storage reservoirs. It is remarkably flexible and comfortable, it is safe for all aquatic life, it withstands exposure to artic cold and desert heat, and it will last longer than any other flexible liner underwater and underground.

Although Butyl pond liners costs more than other synthetic rubbers, it has superior performance combined with an unlimited range of sizes and shapes which easily makes it the Pond liner of choice for projects of any size that demand the very best Pond liner available.

Polyester Liner Underlay is recommended for all pond liners, a 250gsm underlay made of non woven needle punched polyester, offering high puncture resistance and good flexability.

* Makes all pond liners more puncture resistant
* Protects pond liners from sharp objects in the soil
* Stabilizes ground under the liner reudcing the liner from "over-stretching"
* Quick and easy to install.
* Resists "settling" unlike newspaper or sand.

Key features and benefits:

The success of Butyl Pond Liners can be attributed to their unique combination of benefits:

  • Formulation Butyl is fabricated from a unique Butyl rubber formulation optimised for pond liner use. It differs from other Butyl rubbers commonly used for commercial waterproofing in four important ways. It is completely safe for fish, plants and plant life, it contains some traces of polymer for superior durability in exposed applications, it has a talc free surface for easy handling and attractive appearance, and can be factory seamed with a high strength hot bonding process.
  • Lifetime We guarantee our rubber Butyl pond liners for 35 years. Extensive field experience suggests that they will last longer than forty years in severe above ground environments, with even more life expectancy in protected underwater and underground environments. Other manufacturers may claim their liners can last as long as BUTYL pond liners but none have the track record to prove their claims.
  • Thickness Butyl Pond liners are available in .75mm and 1mm. Irregular free form garden ponds, particularly those smaller than 1,500 sq. ft, should be lined with .75mm Butyl: no other pond liner is more subtle or elastic and none can be installed with so few folds. Larger projects should be lined with 1mm Butyl pond liners for enhanced resistance to abuse since the thicker sheet offers significantly greater strength with only a little loss of flexibility.
  • Appearance The talc free process used to manufacture Butyl gives a slightly textured surface with a flat black colour.
  • Repairs & Seams Should you inadvertently damage your Butyl Pond liner, it can be permanently repaired with our self adhesive tapes; stream and waterfall liners can be easily joined to pond liners with our self adhesive seam tapes. Although we advise against ‘field seaming’ pond liners, unless the project is too large to be lined with a single sheet of rubber, durable seams can be made by using a combination of seam tape and repair tape.