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February 01, 2023

Pond Filter Media Crystal Bio Filter Media Crystal Bio Filter Media

Crystal Bio Filter Media

Crystal Bio Filter Media

Crystal Bio Media

Crystal Bio Media is a unique, eco-friendly glass media. Crystal Bio Media during it's manufacturing process is heated to temperatures in excess of 900°C, this process creates a hyper-connecting glass cell structure which produces a media with a surface-area up to ten times greater than that of most plastic commercially available alternatives.

Crystal Bio Media is a superb media and is an ideal media for use in showers and trickle systems. The Crystal Bio Showers and Sieve filter systems are purposely designed to work with this media.

Crystal Bio Media Product Features:

  • Increased biological filtration
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Added oxygen
  • Enhanced Nitrification
  • Increased fish stocks as a result of the superb performance of the Crystal Bio Media
  • The Crystal Bio Shower and Sieve Filters can be used as a stand alone biological filter or as an addition to an existing filter system.
SKU Description Price Order
CRYSM5 Crystal Bio Media 30-50mm - 50 ltrs £ 89.00 Add To Cart
CRYSM10 Crystal Bio Media 30-50mm - 100 ltrs £ 149.00 Add To Cart
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