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April 01, 2023

Aeration For Koi Ponds Evolution Aqua Air Pumps Airtech 70 Air Pump (Complete Aeration Kit)

Airtech 70 Air Pump (Complete Aeration Kit)

Airtech 70 Air Pump (Complete Aeration Kit)

AirTech 70 Airpump - Complete Aeration Kit

Oxygen is vital to all pond inhabitants whether they are Koi, goldfish, tropical / marine or bacteria. The Airtech product line provides high performance diaphragm air pumps for all fish keepers.

Developed specifically with fish keepers and aquarists in mind to deliver that essential element into their ponds - specifically air. AirTech airpumps have been designed, tested and proved to deliver the highest output of any air pump at any given depth on the market.

Even with it's obvious power, the Airtech line has also proven to be an extremely effective and reliable solution at any depth.

The Airpump 70 comes as a complete kit which includes the Airpump 70 airpump itself, a 4 way manifold, 10 metres of airline and two airstones. Everything you need to get up and running.

As with all AirTech airpumps a thermal protection device is fitted as standard throughout the entire range.

We at Dankoi cannot stress enough the importance of adequate air supply to both your pond and filtration systems.

Low oxygen levels can have a serious detrimental effect on the health of your fish; very low levels can even cause death of both the fish, and nitrifying bacteria.

Important Note on Installation:

As with all Air Pumps, they should be installed above the water level. This prevents back siphoning which can result in damage to the pump. Where this is not possible, a non-return valve should be installed to protect the pump. The use of pressure release valves and or pressure gauges is highly recommended.

AirPump 70 (Complete Aeration Kit) Specifications

Max. Airflow:

70 Litres / min

Max. Airflow at 1m depth:

52 Litres / min

Max. Operating Depth:

3.2 Metres

Power Usage (Watts):

34 Watts


220 / 240V




2 Years

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