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February 01, 2023

Pond UV Sterilizers Evolution Aqua Evo UV Evolution Aqua Evo 55 watt UV

Evolution Aqua Evo 55 watt UV

Evolution Aqua Evo 55 watt UV

Evolution Aqua Evo 55 watt UV Clarifier

Dankoi are pround to announce the new range of Evolution Aqua Evo Uv's which will be availabe from April 2011. This new range of Ultra Violet clarifiers look set to take the pond world by storm and contain some new features never before seen on Ultraviolet clarifiers.

The Evo UV's were officially unveilled at the October Aqua show in Telford in 2010 where they received a genuine sense of excitement and once Koi and pond keepers see the UV's and deiscover the features they wull be imoressed also.

There are three bulb sizes available that make up the EvoUV range . The Evo30, incorporates a 30watt UV Bulb, the Evo55 which contains a 55 watt bulb and the Evo110 watt which houses two 55 watt bulbs. This broad spectrum of available EvoUV's means that many pond owners will be able to incorporate them into their existing set up.

These Evolution Aqua EvoUV's will be the perfect solution for eradicating green water!

One of the major benefits of the Evolution Aqua's EvoUV range is the build quality, as they are manufactured from the same polymer that is used on the tried and tested Nexus, Eazypod and Cetus Sieves. This means that this hard wearing UV stabilised PE will offer a higher reflective index than a stainless steel body and will ensure the bulbs and ballast are securely protected.

All the EvoUV's feature an intergrated power and bulb life indicator meaning there will be no doubt when the UV's are working and when the bulbs need to be replaced. To be sopecific, the bulb will glow a purple colour when the power is on, it will flash when the UV bulb is nearing the end of it;s life span, and the indicator will glow red when the lamp needs to be replaced, usually after 9000 hours or about a year. Another unique feature of the EvoUV is that even if it is turned off the internal chip will remember how long the bulb has left to run.

Evolution Aqua EvoUV 55 watt Product Features:

  • The design rediuces head loss
  • The EvoUV can be mounted Horizontally or Vertically
  • All units contain a thermal safety protection mechanism
  • 1-1/2" inlet and Outlet with Stepped Hosetail Option
  • Bulb Life Indicator
  • Bulb Replacement Indicator
  • Internal memory Chip
  • 1 x 55 watt UV Bulb
  • UV Stabilzed Polymer Construction

The thermal protection device will shutdown the EvoUV when and if the unit overheats protecting the unit from damage. These are simply a superb Ultraviolet Clarifier!

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