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January 31, 2023

Filtra Sieve 2

Filtra Sieve 2

Filtra Hi-Tech Sieve 2

Filtra High-Tech Sieves are pre-filters which are used to remove coarse waste particles (such as leaves, algae particles, food residue, etc.) from pond water before it can enter the biological cycle. This reduces the work load for the bacteria in the biological filter, and the water remains cleaner for longer.

It is best to connect the Filtra High-Tech Sieves to either a skimmer or bottom drain. The water enters the filter through two tubes with a 110-mm diameter. From here, the water flows over the stainless-steel sieve. The sieve contains holes which range in size from 300 microns to 200 microns (sufficient to allow water through yet prevent waste from getting through).

The water comes into the inflow chamber, where the pump can pump it back into the pond or the biological filter. The water supply may be interrupted using a valve so that the sieve may be cleaned. The waste may be rinsed out of the system using a minimum amount of water.

Filtra Sieve II Dimensions

The outlet for the waste may also be connected to a sewer system or collected and re-cycled as plant food as the waste particles collected are high in Nitrates.

Filtra Hi-Tech Sieve II Specifiactions

Maximum Flow Rate (Litres per Hour)


Maximum Flow Rate (Gallons per Hour)



54cm x 47cm x 76cm

Water Inlet

1 x 110mm

Water Outlet

2 x 63mm

Outflow Plug

(50mm) Inc. Ball Valve

Sieve Dimensions

445mm x 400mm

Sieve Particle Filtration size

300 Microns

SIeve Lid

Standard Lid



manfactured from:


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FILTRAS2 Filtra Hi-Tech Sieve 2 C a l l C a l l

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