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January 20, 2022

Nexus Connectors

Nexus Connectors
Flexible PVC Boot Nexus Connectors

Another innovate product from Evolution Aqua, this new range of flexible PVC fittings called "Boots".

These Flexible PVC Boot Nexus Connectors are an invaluable tool to stop a multitude of headaches for any pond keeper, pond builder or anyone involved in piping water. Have you ever had to cut and re-glue pipework and fittings when changing over filters or equipment on your pond?

These versatile PVC Boot Nexus connectors are available in all sizes for those awkward pipe size differentials and they can be used time and time again offering sustantial cost savings in the long term.

Another major benefit, is that pipework can be quickly dismantled and reassembled offering ease of maintenance add addition of other products into the filtration cycle.

The Advantages are Numerous....

  • Simple to connect and tighten - gives a perfect seal
  • No cleaning, drying or glueing needed
  • No more mistakes and having to use the hacksaw wasting time and money!
  • Reusable over and over again
  • Connects imperial to metric pipe
  • Very flexible and forgiving - easy to apply in tight spaces
  • If your pipe run is slightly out of line, these fittings will allow a slight deviation
  • Ideal for permanent use, emergency repairs, temporary show vats or quarantine systems
  • Ideal for the Koi keeper who likes to 'tinker' and likes to add and remove new products for testing - no wasting old fittings.
  • Ideal for connecting a ball valve, UV, circulating pump etc for easy removal - fittings can be reused
  • Ideal for all types of hosetail connections
  • Used by Evolution Aqua already over the last 6 years on over 20,000 products shipped and some 120,000 boots sold and NOT ONE returned with a problem in over 55 countries world wide
Sizes Available:
  • Flexible PVC Boot Nexus Inlet/Outlet to 2" (50mm to 58mm)
  • Flexible PVC Boot Nexus Inlet/Outlet to 4" (102mm to 112mm)
SKU Description Price Order
NAC1004 Nexus Inlet/Outlet to 4 inch £ 14.95 Add To Cart
NAC1002 Nexus Inlet/Outlet to 2 inch £ 14.95 Add To Cart

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