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January 31, 2023

Foam Packs

Foam Packs

Used for either additional particle capture or to replace existing foam, these are easily cut to size. These sheets come in a pack of three with each colour representing the different densities for the the capture of different size particles. e.g. Blue is the densist and will capture the smallest particles. Normaly placed as the final filtration media for particle capture and placed on top of one another with the Blue sheet last in the cycle.

Available as a pack of three in three different size options.

Small (11" x 17"), Medium (18" x 25") and Large (21" x 43")

SKU Description Price Order
FOAMS Foam Pack 3 Piece Small (11 inch x 17 inch) £ 10.50 Add To Cart
FOAMM Foam Pack 3 Piece Medium (18 inch x 25 inch) £ 19.95 Add To Cart
FOAML Foam Pack 3 Piece Large (21 inch x 43 inch) £ 35.95 Add To Cart

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