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April 01, 2023

Pond Water Testing Hanna Instruments Hanna HI-83303 Muti Parameter Test Photometer

Hanna HI-83303 Muti Parameter Test Photometer

Hanna HI-83303 Muti Parameter Test Photometer

Hanna HI-83303 Multi Parameter Photometer

The Hanna HI-83303 Multiparameter banch photometer meters work by using ion specific chemical method, in other words like simple test kits, a chemical is added and a colour is formed and the electronic meter reads the results very accurately in mg/l down to 3 decimal places I.E. 0.001mg/l. Each specific test requires a unique reagent.

This Complete Kit HI-83303 is sound value and is in our opinion better value than the individual iron specific Meters if you can afford the initial layout ...

This comes complete with the 5 major test reagents:

  • pH, - Reagents for 100 Tests
  • Ammonia, - Reagents for 100 Tests
  • Dissolved Oxygen, - Reagents for 100 Tests
  • Nitrite, - Reagents for 50 Tests
  • Nitrate, - Reagents for 50 Tests

How they work?

There is no need to calibrate as the test procedure does this for you. Fill the test tube with a clear pond water sample, insert into meter, press the “zero” button (this calibrates the pond water sample to the meter as a reference), add the reagent to the same test tube, Insert back into the meter, press the read timer button, this starts a timer count down, then the meter shows the result on the digital display. All have a 2 year warranty.

hanna Hi-83203 Complete Kit

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