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January 30, 2023

Drum Filters Inazuma BioCompact Filters Inazuma ITF-30 BioCompact

Inazuma ITF-30 BioCompact

Inazuma ITF-30 BioCompact

Inazuma ITF-30 BioCompact Filters

The stainless steel drum filter ITF-30 BioCompact MK V is equipped with an integrated biochamber and is suitable for swimming ponds up to 50 cubic meters and koi ponds up to 30 cubic meters.

This powerful, complete unit is adaptable for both gravity and pump fed installation types.

All Inazuma drum filter cases are constructed out of stainless steel V4A (1.4571), a higher grade of stainless steel than 316 grade.

The integrated high-pressure pump and the Inazuma Control System Clever V5 with OBSD-System are included with the drum filter.

No mains water connection is required for the rinsing process, as cleaned pond water is used for this procedure via the integarted high pressure pump. Maintenance costs are kept low, because no materials such as fleece are needed.

The Inazuma Drum filter comes compete with the attachable case cover which is openned with it's endowed gas pressure absorbers. Therefore, the volume level of the filter complies with a standard dish washing machine (53-55 dB).

A dry-run protection, a savety overflow and many more features are part of the standard configuration.

With the purchase of the ITF-30 Biokompakt MK V you will get a durable, sturdy and low-maintenance drum filter with a guaranteed spare parts supply for 10 years directly by the manufacturer.

Inazuma ITF-30 Bio Compct Drum Filter Technical data:

  • Koi ponds up to 30m³ (30,000ltrs)
  • Swimming ponds up to 50m³ (50,000ltrs)
  • Installation: Gravity or Pump fed
  • Max. flow rate (gravity)*: 20,000lph
  • Max. flow rate (pumped)*: 15,000lph
  • Immersed screen surface: 294700mm²
  • Screen V2A: 50 μ (50 Micron)
  • Usable HD-PRO 50.000 Immersion-UVC-lamps: Max 4
  • Weight: appx 107Kg

Inazum ITF-30 Integrated Biochamber

  • Biovolume: 300 Ltrs
  • Recomended amount filter medium Planet Bio: 150 litres
  • Degradable amount of food per day 650g
  • Inlets (DN 100): 2
  • Return flows (110mm): 2
  • Waste water lines (110mm): 1
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