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January 30, 2023

Drum Filters Inazuma Drum filters

Inazuma Drum filters

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Inazuma Drum Filters

We at Dankoi were the first UK dealer to import, sell and install one of these Inazuma Drum (ITF-80) Drum Filters and I can honestly say, backed by the customer that these are without doubt the best drum filter on the market toaday! and I have seen just about every other drum filter out there. The Build quality and attention to detail is just streets ahead of any other make out there.

More than 2,500 Inazuma filter systems are currently serving to keep recirculation systems clean throughout Europe. Thanks to the high quality requirements that Inazuma places on its products, Inazuma Drum Filters stretches way beyond private pond or swimming pool owners. More and more industrial companies and institutions are choosing Inazuma drum filters. As such, not only will you will find these filters in zoos and large swimming pools, but also in industry.

Inazuma filters are made of 316L (1.4571) stainless steel and are pickled in immersion baths. The most modern techniques such as laser cutting and WIG welding robots are applied in the manufacturing process. All this means the drum filter is guaranteed a high standard of finish and long service life.

The extremely fine stainless steel 50µ filter mesh which is stretched over the drum removes even the tiniest particles of dirt from water. The filter does not require a water connection. The high-pressure pump built in as standard is fitted in the drum filter.

All controls make use of the latest microprocessor technology (featuring OBSDS -On-Board-Self-Diagnostic-System). A special float records the levels of water flowing through the filter. The control system, featuring dry-running protection, automatically regulates the flushing process as the filter becomes contaminated. The drum starts to turn and the pressure pump forces the water at 5 bar through the high-pressure nozzles. This removes the dirt from the filter cloth sending it out through the waste chute into the sewer.

Inazuma Drum Filters offer a wide range of options on its drum filters, such as Touchscreen control, Power Switch, module holder, pond level regulation, built-in UV lamp and a temperature sensor. This is all housed within an efficient and compact system.

Inazuma Drum Filters Product Overview:

  • Made of 316L stainless steel
  • ‘Clever’ control system with OBSDS
  • 50-micron filter mesh
  • Can be integrated into any system
  • High-quality materials used in housing and drum mean long service life
  • Flushing with filtered pond water, no separate water connection required
  • Well insulated cover means minimum noise (53-55dB)
  • Cover features quality stainless steel hydropneumatic gas pressure springs
  • Optional stainless steel module housing with room for four modules and touchscreen control panel (straightforward installation)

Inazuma Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in flushing pump
  • Gravity-feed or pump setup possible
  • ‘Clever’ control system
  • Installation height just 14 cm above water level
  • ‘SpeedFlush’ serial waste chute flush
  • Features ‘Clean Brush’ as standard - special stripping brushes (to scrub dirt from the chute)
  • Filter switches off when cover is opened
  • Filter switches off if there is too little water
  • Viewing window in cover
  • Including holder for Submersible UV
  • IP65

Inazuma Clever V5 control system

  • Automatic flushing when contamination reaches certain level
  • Submersible UV switches off when cover is opened (cover protection)
  • System switches off when cover is opened
  • UV operating hours registration
  • Connection for high-pressure pump and drive motor
  • Connection for optional touchscreen
  • Connection for optional Clever Power Switch
  • Connection for optional temperature sensor
  • Magnetic valve connection for flushing waste chute
  • Float connection
  • IP65

Inazuma Clevertouch control panel

  • Adjustable flush time
  • Shows status of all existing parameters
  • Shows number of flushes per 24 hours
  • Optical and acoustic failure alarm
  • Manual switch for summer and winter setting
  • Manual flush setting option
  • Set the number and duration of flushes
  • Manual switch for UV

Inazuma Drum Filter Options:

  • Clever Power Switch
  • Four freely configurable plug connections
  • Time switch for any connection
  • Malfunction alert for any connection

Automatic pond water level control

The water-level sensor is mounted at the required depth in the pond. If the
water level drops below the set level, the magnetic valve connected
to the water pipe will open. The pond will then be refilled to the required

  • Safety switch: the cover is closed when power is off
  • 20-second delay
  • Adjustable filling time
  • IP65
  • length of water level sensor cable: 10 meters

Why an Inazuma Drum Filter:

The extra fine screen (50 µ) made out of stainless steel V2A, even the smallest soil particles are removed from the water. No fresh water supply is needed, as the high pressure pump is directly built into the drum filter and included with delivery. Special float gauges register the water level inside the drum filter and a microprocessor control system with dry-run protection regulates the automatic rinsing process. When the pollution of the filter screen increases, the direct drive gear motor and the high pressure pump get driven. The drum begins to rotate and the high pressure pump begins to pump water to the high-pressure nozzels at approx. 5 bar pressure. Dirt like feces, algae and food remains get directly flushed into the drain and taken out of the water cycle. The drum filters without a bio chamber are an exellent choise for automatic filter systems for fish farms, Koi ponds, swimming ponds, aquacultures and process water treatment.

All Inazuma drum filters are made in Germany utilizing the vary latest production technologies, e.g. laser cutting which guarantee the highest degree of quality and durability of your drum filter. All components used in teh manufacture of the Inazuma Drum Filters are industrial grade.

Thanks to the high quality requirements, that Inazuma demands of its own products, not only private owners of garden and swimming ponds count amongst their clients. An increasing number of companies and public institutions opt for an Inazuma drum filter system. Therefore Inazuma drum filters are used in zoos, open-air pools and swimming pools, as well as in the textile industry and cellulose processing facilities, like the paper industry, chemical factories, water mangagement and in the beverage and food industry. These are without doubt the best drum filters available on the market today.

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-30 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-50 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-50 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-80 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-80 Drum filter
Inazuma ITF-120 Drum Filter
Inazuma ITF-120 Drum Filter
Inazuma Clever Touch Soft Control Panel
Inazuma Clever Touch Soft Control Panel
Inazuma Drum filter Control Panel Housing
Inazuma Drum filter Control Panel Housing
Inazuma Drum Filter Temperature Sensor
Inazuma Drum Filter Temperature Sensor
Inazuma HD-PRO 50.000 Submersible UVC
Inazuma HD-PRO 50.000 Submersible UVC