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April 01, 2023

Drum Filters Inazuma Drum filters Inazuma ITF-30 Drum filter

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum filter

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum filter

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter

The Inazuma ITF30 Stainless Steel Drum filter is suitable for swimming ponds up to 50 cubic meters and koi ponds up to 30 cubic meters and can be installed bith as a gravity or pump fed system.

The Inazuma ITF-30 drum filter cases are made entirly out of stainless steel V4A (1.4571). The integrated high-pressure pump and the Inazuma Control System Clever V5 with OBSD-System are included and come as standard in these superbly crafted drum filters.

No water connection is required for the rinsing process, as cleaned pond water is used for this procedure. Also the maintenance costs keep low, because no materials like fleece are needed.

The Inazuma ITF-30 drum filters mutually attachable case cover is endowed with gas pressure absorbers. When the filter is running it is silent and when the cleaning process is activated due to it's superb manufcture and design the volume level of the filter is similar to that of a standard dish washing machine (53-55 dB).

The Inazuma Drum Filter has buit in as standard a dry-run protection system, a safety overflow and many numerous features as standard that are not part of other drum filters making this the allround best drum filter on the market today.

With the purchase of the ITF-30 drum filter you will get a durable, sturdy and low-maintenance drum filter with a guaranteed spare parts supply for 10 years directly by the manufacturer.

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter Technical data:Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter Internal

  • Koi ponds up to: 30m³
  • Swimming ponds up to: 50m³
  • Gravity or Pump Fed Installation
  • Max. flow rate (gravity) 20m³
  • Max. flow rate (pumped) 15m³
  • Immersed screen surface: 294700 mm²
  • Screen V2A: 50µn (50 Microns)
  • Usable HD-PRO 50.000 Immersion-UVC-lamps
  • Weight: 70kg

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter Product Features:

  • Integrated high-pressure pump
  • Control system Clever V5 included
  • UVC switch-off and dry-run protection
  • Noise protecting cover with gas springs
  • Immersion-UVC integrableInazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter Lid
  • Drain flush Speed Flush®
  • Stripping brush Clean Brush®
  • Stainless steel V4A (1.4571)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter Connections:

  • Inlet: 2 x 110mm
  • Outlet: 2 x 110mm
  • Waste Discharge: 1 x 110mm
  • Submersible UVC

Why an Inazuma Drum Filter:

The extra fine screen (50 µ) made out of stainless steel V2A, even the smallest soil particles are removed from the water. No fresh water supply is needed, as the high pressure pump is directly built into the drum filter and included with delivery. Special float gauges register the water level inside the drum filter and a microprocessor control system with dry-run protection regulates the automatic rinsing process. When the pollution of the filter screen increases, the direct drive gear motor and the high pressure pump get driven. The drum begins to rotate and the high pressure pump begins to pump water to the high-pressure nozzels at approx. 5 bar pressure. Dirt like feces, algae and food remains get directly flushed into the drain and taken out of the water cycle. The drum filters without a bio chamber are an exellent choise for automatic filter systems for fish farms, Koi ponds, swimming ponds, aquacultures and process water treatment.

All Inazuma drum filters are made in Germany utilizing the vary latest production technologies, e.g. laser cutting which guarantee the highest degree of quality and durability of your drum filter. All components used in teh manufacture of the Inazuma Drum Filters are industrial grade.

Thanks to the high quality requirements, that Inazuma demands of its own products, not only private owners of garden and swimming ponds count amongst their clients. An increasing number of companies and public institutions opt for an Inazuma drum filter system. Therefore Inazuma drum filters are used in zoos, open-air pools and swimming pools, as well as in the textile industry and cellulose processing facilities, like the paper industry, chemical factories, water mangagement and in the beverage and food industry. These are without doubt the best drum filters available on the market today.

Inazuma ITF-30 Dimensions:

Inazuma ITF-30 Dimensions

SKU Description Price Order
ITF30DF Inazuma ITF-30 Drum Filter C a l l C a l l
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