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April 01, 2023

Pond Water Treatments Izeki Izeki Magic Powder

Izeki Magic Powder

Izeki Magic Powder

Izeki Magic Powder

Izeki Magic Powder contains vital minerals that are not only of benefit to the health of your fish but in addition, Izeki Magic Powder helps to stabilize the pH levels in your pond eliminating those pH fluctuations that can cause stress to the ponds inhabitants.

Izeki Magic Powder gives your pond water a sparkle and when used in conjunction with Izeki Super Clean C helps to increases the oxygen levels in the water, and keep blanket weed at bay.

Izeki Magic Powder Recommended Dosages:

1 gram per ton (220 gallons)

Dissolve thwe required dosage of Izeki Magic Powder into a bucket of pond water, stir and add to the pond each evening.

Ideally used with Izeki Super Clean C to increase oxygen levels and supress blanket weed.

Please note that this product isnot available at the moment

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