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January 20, 2022

Koi Feeders Kamihata Koi Feeder Kamihata Solar Powered Koi Feeder

Kamihata Solar Powered Koi Feeder

Kamihata  Solar Powered Koi Feeder

Japanese Solar Powered Koi Feeder

The Japanese Solar Powered Koi Feeder is one of the most popular selling Koi feeders in Japan and we at Dankoi are proud to offer this truly amazing Koi Feeder here in the UK. Yamihata, is a well established company with vast experience of Koi probably better known as the manufacturer of the Hikari range of koi foods. This superbly manufactured koi feeder will provide years of trouble free service and because the unit it solar powered has no running costs. Complete with back up battery there is no need for any kind of electrical connections to this unit as it is totally self sufficient and environmentally friendly using the power of the sun to feed your fish.

This Koi feeder is full of advanced features and affords the Koi keeper a fully versatile means of feeding their Nishikoi. There is for instance an 6 kg feed capacity with lockable lid and the food is distributed by a high powered quality motor capable of a spread range between three and fifteen feet.

The unit is constructed from high quality UV resistant materials and is powered by a superior quality solar panel (see left) and a fully sealed rechargable battery, capable of reaching full charge in less than one sunny day, and once charged, can deliver food up to 12 times a day for 30 days without sunlight via the unit's advanced screw drive feeding mechanism.

At the heart of this Koi feeder lies the advanced computer control system with it's easy to use control panel (see right). This contol panel allows for the complete customisation of all the devices inherent features and settings, including the speed, distance, the number and times of daily feeds, and the amount of food to be distributed. All of this information is accessible via the easy to use menu system displayed via the unit's LCD display.

Product Features:

  • High quality UV resistant construction.
  • High quality screw drive feeding mechanism.
  • High quality high powered motor.
  • Locking lid.
  • Fully sealed rechargeable battery.
  • Fully chargeable in less than 1 sunlit day.
  • 6 kg food capacity.
  • Up to 12 feedings per day.
  • 30 day feeding period without sunlight.
  • Superior high quality Solar Panel.
  • Fully computerised control panel.
  • Fully computerised feeding quantity.
  • Fully controlable spread range from 3 to 15 feet.

This is a truly outstanding Koi feeder!!

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