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April 01, 2023

Japanese Koi Breeders - Dankoi

Dainichi Dainichi is one of the most famous names in Koi. Many current breeders did their training at The Dainichi Koi Farm, breeders such as Nogami and Marudo who are very high end breeders now in their own rights.

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Hoshikin Hoshikin Koi Farm used to be called Shiotani Koi Farm because it is located in the area called Shiotani; because his name was HOSHIno, KINsaku, everybody called him Mr. "Hoshikin." As a result, his Koi were called Hoshikin Kohaku and finally became a recognized bloodline.

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Igarashi Kazuto
Igarashi Kazuto Igarashi Kazuto is well known to most Koi hobbyist’s around the world. Some time or other you will have seen a stunning Koi bred by this guy. He has a superb eye for breeding show Koi, patterns and bodies which will make you stand up and take notice.

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Isa Hajime
Isa Hajime Hajime Isa is best known for producing Showa Sanke and is well respected by both breeders and amateurs alike as being one of the finest Showa breeders in the whole world

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Izumiya Mano Izumiya is the ‘boss’ of the Yamakoshi Mountains, a real force in Koi past and present. The effort that he puts into the industry is incredible, he is the Shinkokai President, which stages the biggest and best Koi show in the world, The All Japan Koi Show, held between January and February in Tokyo each year.

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Shintaro Masaru Saito first started his Koi career with the breeder Konishi many years ago, then onto studying with one of the best in the world, Toshio Sakai, Saito San was his right hand man for many years, while still having a small facility in Mushigame, Niigata.

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Torazo Tsuyoshi Kawakami has always bred some spectacular Koi over the years and many famous Koi as well. His main breeding line is Sanke and you can always tell the Torazo Koi by the Sumi on his Sankes.  Torazo Koi has a Sumi that is always deep and well placed, making the big examples very impressive.

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Toshio Sakai
Toshio Sakai Toshio Sakai was born in Mushigame of Yamakoshi Village in Niigata, Japan.  In 1974 the Matsunosuke Blood Line was created by the Sakai Family. After his apprenticeship of Koi breeding under his father, Toshio left Niigata for Isawa to become an independent Koi breeder.

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Toshiuki Sakai
Toshiuki Sakai Toshiyuki Sakai is Toshio Sakai’s elder brother. Toshio moved to Isawa when he was very young because he knew that his elder brother would get the house and business when their father passed it down, in accordance with Japanese tradition.

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Yagenji Yorijo
Yagenji Yorijo The Yagenji brothers are two of the best Koi breeders in the whole of Yamakoshi. They have a character which is second to none, and both are second generation Koi Breeders who really comprehend the new Koi industry.

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