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January 23, 2022

Koi Bowls and Tanks Koi Measuring Bowls Koi Measuring Bowls - Fibreglass

Koi Measuring Bowls - Fibreglass

Koi Measuring Bowls - Fibreglass

Fibreglass Measuring Tanks:

This is a very useful bowl for measuring the Koi, constructed out of GRP Fibreglass these measuring tanks will provide years of service and represent good all round value for money.

These heavy duty fibreglass measuring tanks have the measurements moulded into the side of the tank itself which is easy to read and cannot get lost or damaged as with the seperate sticky strips that are sometimes used.

The GRP Fibreglass measuring tanks are also useful for photographing your Koi, especially good for keeping a record of each Koi and their size at the time of photographing them, ideal for treatment tanks for the treatment of your fish.

Sizes Available:

  • Standard Measuring Tank - 106cm (41") x 35cm (13") x 27cm (10")
  • Large Measuring Tank - 106cm (41") x 52cm (20") x 40cm (15")
Please note:

Mesh covers are available for these bowls which is elasticated to provide a tight fit. These covers are highly recommended as they are easily attached and removed, but are strong enough to contain the fish within the bowl. As we all know fish can become a little unsettled when placed in a new environment and the last thing we would want is for them to jump out.
SKU Description Price Order
BOWPROS Fibreglass Measuring Tank Pro Standard 1mtr £ 95.00 Add To Cart
BOWNETS Elasticated Cover for Standard Measuring Tank £ 22.95 Add To Cart
BOWPROL Fibreglass Measuring Tank Pro Large 1mtr £ 199.00 Add To Cart
BOWNETL Elasticated Cover for Large Measuring Tank £ 27.95 Add To Cart
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