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April 01, 2023

Aeration For Koi Ponds Koi Pro Air-Blow Air Pumps Koi Pro Air-Blow 50 Air Pump

Koi Pro Air-Blow 50 Air Pump

Koi Pro Air-Blow 50 Air Pump

Koi Pro 50 Air-Blow Air Pump

The Koi Pro Air-Blow 50 Air Pump has been professionally designed and constructed to develop high output and delivers great performance to depths of up to 3 metres. This is a revolutionary product in it's class which easily out performs conventional and motor driven air pumps often used in aquaculture.

The Koi Pro Air-Blow Air Pump is compact, reliable, powerful, and ultra quiet. The pump is also economical to run consuming only 35 watts.

There are no sliding parts with the Koi Pro, hence there is no need for lubrication, unlike some conventional designs which can transfer oil contaminated air into the environment. The other advantage of course is that the exhausted air is also clean, making this a good choice for clean environments.

Product Features:

  • Professionally constructed design
  • Ultra quiet in operation
  • Lubrication free
  • 50 litres of air per minute output
  • Output depths up to 3 metres
  • 35 watt power consumption

We at Dankoi cannot stress enough the importance of adequate air supply to both your pond and filtration systems.

Low oxygen levels can have a serious detrimental effect on the health of your fish; very low levels can even cause death of both the fish, and nitrifying bacteria.

Important Note on Installation:

As with all Air Pumps, they should be installed above the water level. This prevents back siphoning which can result in damage to the pump. Where this is not possible, a non-return valve should be installed to protect the pump. The use of pressure release valves and or pressure gauges is highly recommended.

Koi Pro Air Blow 50 Air Pump Specifications

Airflow:50 Litres / min at 3m depth
Voltage:110v / 230v
Wattage:35 watt
Warranty:12 Months Maufacturers Warranty

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