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February 03, 2023

Kusuri Liquid Gold

Kusuri Liquid Gold

Kusuri Powder Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator is now available in liquid form

Kusuri Liquid Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator is a blend of beneficial bacteria and minerals that will eradicate blanket weed quickly and efficiently.

Kusuri Liquid Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator Directions for Use:

Remove as much of the blanket weed as possible from the ponds water taking great care to disturb the blanket weed as little as possible. This is to reduce the clogging of filters, pumps etc.

Place the correct amount of Kusuri Liquid Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator for the gallonage of your pond into a watering can full of pond water, mix well and then simply add to the pond. It is always best to add the treatment evenly around the entire edge of the ponds water.

As with all treatments ensure that there is good levels of oxygen at all times. Kusuri Liquid Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator may cloud the water for up to three days.

We recommend that once the blanket weed has been eradicated using the Kusuri Blanket Weed Eradicator , that Kusuri Eco Pure powder is added on a weekly basis as required to prevent the recurrence of Blanket weed.

Kusuri Liquid Gold Blanket Weed Eradicator Dosage:

1 Ltr treats 4400 gallons of pond water.

500ml treats 2200 gallons of pond water.

250ml treats 1100 gallons of pond water

SKU Description Price Order
KLIQG250 Kusuri Liquid Gold 250ml £ 8.50 Add To Cart
KLIQG500 Kusuri Liquid Gold 500ml £ 16.50 Add To Cart
KLIQG1 Kusuri Liquid Gold 1ltr £ 27.50 Add To Cart

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