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January 31, 2023

Pond Detox Formula

Pond Detox Formula

At high levels, pollutants such as copper, lead, zinc, ammonia, nitrite & acid rain have the potential to cause fish mortalities and even at low levels exposed fish are more susceptible to disease.

Pond Detox Forumla neutralizes pollution, improves water clarity and settles particles.

In addition Pond Detox Forumla can enrich the pond water with elements that may be observed in improved skin luster and optimised health, which can be a result from improved environmental conditions.

Pond Detox Forumla Doseage:

Two tablespoons of Pond Detox Formula per 1,000 gallons to maintain stable water conditions increasing the dose if the water quality decreases or during pollution.

Pond Detox Formula as a Food Suppliment:

To feed mix One tablespoon of Pond Detox Forumla in 250ml water to soak 500ml of pellets.
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