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February 01, 2023

Oase SwimSkim

Oase SwimSkim

The Oase SwimSkim is an ideal skimmer for adding this additional function to the cleaning and maintenance of our ponds surface water. As we all know, leaves, pollen an other algae nutrients get into the pond water via the surface. The Oase Swimskim powerfully and effectively pulls this debris from the surface into a collection basket. In this way the debris is removed from the pond's eco-system before it stresses the pond.

The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through a reduced nutrient balance. Suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 25 m2, the Swimskim's powerful drive is due to the 2500 litre per hour circulation pump. The Swimskim also includes an injector that enriches the pond with oxygen, the fine foam contained within the unit adds mechanical and biological filtration. The Swimskim also acts as an ice prevention unit through water movement. Maintenance is easy thanks to a removable collection basket, and the Swimskim automatically adjusts itself to any water level.

Product Features:

  • 40 watt Power Consumption
  • 10 metre Cable Length
  • 0.91 Litre Filter Basket
  • 25 m2 Max. Pond Surface Area
  • 2500 litres per hour Pump Capacity
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 332 x 297 x 250
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Guarantee
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