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April 01, 2023

Pond Salt

Pond Salt
Pond Salt

Pond salt is a great and underestimated supportive treatment for your Koi. Pond salt has many uses and and can be used as a mild bactericide and in some cases as a treatment for the eradication of parasites. Pond salt can be administered as a treatment for the whole tank or pond and can also be used as a dip treatment for short periods of time.

Pond Salt is excellent as a supportive treatment as Pond Salt aids the osmoregulatory system of your fish helping to maintain the correct bodily fluid levels.

Suggested Dosages:

  • General Supportive Treatment and Tonic: 1/2oz per gallon
  • Support Alongside Other Treatments for Bacterial Infection: 3/4oz per gallon
  • As a dip: 4oz per gallon for 10-15 minutes or until the fish shows signs of distress whichever is the sooner
  • As an Anti-Parasitic Treatment: 3/4oz per gallon


Please note that once salt has been added to your water is is difficult to maintain the correct levels and we recommend the use of a digital salt meter to correctly monitor and ensure maintenance of the correct concentrations of salt in your pond.

Please Note:

Pond salt cannot be used with all chemicals and never use Pond Salt with Formalin, as a chemical reaction takes place which is fatal to your fish.

Please be sure to contact us regarding any form of treatment before administering to your Koi.

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