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April 01, 2023

Pond Vacuum

Pond Vacuum -

There are two main sources of ammonia - dissolved ammonia excreted by the fish and ammonia produced by decomposing solids. The filtration system should be designed to deal with both sources and to minimize their impact on Koi.

The important point to note is that solids should be removed from the system - not just hidden from view - otherwise they decompose and pollute the water, irrespective of whether they are located in the pond or filter.

Regular removal of solid wastes before they decompose is very helpful in reducing the levels of dissolved pollutants, improving water quality and discouraging opportunistic parasites and bacteria. The ease with which this can be achieved depends on the pond design and type of filter.

Pond Vacuums have been around, and have been used on Koi and other Garden Ponds now for many years. It is important to vacuum the bottom out as much as possible, and make sure all types of drainage systems are clear and in working order.