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February 01, 2023

Pond Accessories Pond Vacuum Sludge Terminator

Sludge Terminator

Sludge Terminator

Sludge Terminator

The Sludge Terminator offers a complete solution for removing sludge in ponds. The Sludge Terminator consists of a self-priming waste water pump with a flexible rubber impeller on a stainless steel trolley that sucks the water in through a special stone separator.

The Sludge Terminator is supplied with a 3.6 metre telescopic pole, pond vacuum and ±11 metres of flexible hose.

Sludge Terminator Product Features:
  • Max. capacity: 5.760 l/h.
  • Max. head: 30 metres.
How the sludge Terminator Works:

The pond water is sucked in through the pond vacuum. The water first enters the stone separator where heavier solids like substrate and stones will settle to the lower part of the main chamber to protect the pump. The water now free of heavier solids will travel to the outlet or the suction side of the pump with the flexible impeller. The dirty water exits the pressure side through a 40mm hose tail and can be transported to waste, garden or to a filter for further treatment.

The stone separator has a 4 inch screw cap for easy removal of any collected solids.

Althought the pump is a self priming pump, before use the stone seperator should be filled with water through the top cap to prevent the pump from sucking air.

The Sludge Terminator comes installed on a trolley. The pond vacuum, telescopic pole and the hose are easy to install. The pond vacuum has a “quick snap” handle with 2 mounting pins that fit in the telescopic steel pole.

The pond vacuum simply connects with the fitting of the hose by pushing it on the pipe stub. You can shorten the blue hose to any length you want.

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