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February 01, 2023

Pond Accessories Predator Control Scarecrow Sprinkler

Scarecrow Sprinkler

Scarecrow Sprinkler
Scarecrow Sprinkler

The Scarecrow is a clean alternative to smelly, poisonous, or visually disruptive repellents. It is widely endorsed and less expensive than physical barriers.

If you've tried other solutions that failed, you're ready for a Scarecrow. Entering its fourth year, it is now more economical, effective and widely available than ever.

Just hook up to your garden hose, plug in the battery and point it over the area to be protected. It's that easy.

Tens of thousands of homeowners worldwide now use this award-winning solution to quickly, economically and safely repel animals.

All it takes is a couple cups of water from the fast acting Scarecrow for cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, squirrels and most other animals to vacate the area and usually never return.

Scarecrow Mounting Bracket
There is now a Scarecrow wall mounting bracket (pictured left) which enables the Scarecrow to be mounted against the house, fence panels or even against the side of the garden pond. Thus making this an even more versatile and effective deterrent against all intruders, both the four and two legged varieties.

The Scarecrow Motion activated sprinkler works by motion and sound sensors which when detected the Scarecrow will shoot a small jet of water in the direction of the animal. This jet of water is sufficient to startle the animal resulting in it fleeing from the site and it's natural instinct never to return to the area through fear is then established.

Product Features:
  • Overall Height: 60cm (2ft)
  • Spray Distance: 10m (35ft)
  • Spray Spread: 13m (45ft)
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SCROWB Scarecrow Wall Mounting Bracket £ 14.50 Add To Cart
SCROW Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler £ 65.00 Add To Cart

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