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February 01, 2023

Pond Pumps Red Devil 3 Red Devil 3

Red Devil 3

Red Devil 3

Red Devil 3 Pond Pump

The new Red Devil 3 Pond pump is a brushless direct current pump - 24 m3/hour - 240 W which is fully adjustable, quiet, reliable and most importantly provides energy saving running costs.

The new Red Devil 3 is now available following its development lasting over six years. This pump developed and produced in Germany offers the guarantee of high reliability. The Red Devil 3 is fully adjustable and meets the most stringent European standards.

The Red Devil 3 Product Features:

  • Extremely quiet (39-47 dB at full load/with dry set-up/1 metre distance)
  • Adjustable brushless DC motor (20-230 W)
  • Flow Rates of 2-24 m3/hour
  • Max. 6.75 metre discharge head
  • Pump IP68 (submersible)
  • IP66 electronics
  • With 0-10 V input as standard
  • Motor and electronics produced in Germany
  • Rrotor and stator of polished titanium - seawater-resistant
  • Ceramic slide bearings
  • Incl. anti-lime bypass: reduces lime scale deposit
  • low-maintenance
  • dry run detection

The Red Devil 3 has a compact, IP66 electronics housing with digital display. The Red Devil 3 has a 0-10 V input as standard and can even be connected to already existing control units of e.g. GHL, Neptune and Reef Ai.

The Red Devil 3 control cabinet has the following functions:

power control and reading
programming of a feed time or interval program
language setting
connection of an external 0-10 V control unit
error message display
clock setting

The Red Devil 3 has a brushless direct current motor (brushless DC), is adjustable from 20 Watts and offers impressive performance. The big advantage of brushless DC motors compared to frequency-controlled asynchronous motors is the remarkably high efficiency at low speeds. But the Red Devil 3 is also significantly more economical in the higher speed range.

The pump can be used for multiple purposes due to the discharge head of 6.5 metres and a water output of no less than 24 m3/hour with power consumption of only 240 W (motor 230 W/electronics 10 W). The pump characteristics are enclosed with consumption of 50, 100, 150 and 230 W.

Red Devil 3 Pump with Controller

The pump has a dry-run protection device as standard to prevent damage to the pump in the absence of water. The pump also detects any blockage of the pump/rotor.

Furthermore, the pump has a titanium rotor and stator coating: resistant to salt water and other corrosive products such as potassium permanganate. Lime scale deposit is greatly reduced by the very smooth surface of these titanium parts. In addition, lime scale deposit is also minimised by the anti-lime bypass. This bypass ensures that the rear bearing is rinsed during operation, as a result of which the lime cannot easily deposit in the pump.

This means the Red Devil 3 offers unique remote control and adjustment possibilities and savings in energy consumption. And above all: reliability due to its robust and high-quality construction.

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