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February 01, 2023

Sight Glass

Sight Glass
Sight Glass

Now look what we have come up with, something that will save you wasting hundreds of gallons of good mature water every time you flush out your filtration system, you can now see the waste run clear before shutting off.

These Easy to fit and more important easy to clean completely new 'Sight Glass' that you can now include in any 2" or 1.5" Pressure pipe and we can supply the reducing bushes if you are using Black Solvent Weld Pipe found in the valve section.

OK, the sight glasses are nothing new, but until now it was extremely hard to get hold of these that would fit the 2" or 1.5" pressure pipe systems . As mentioned above reducing bushes are also available for adapting these superb fittings for standard waste pipe installations.

These sight glasses have been especially made using single union connectors to enable the removal of the clear section for cleaning if and when it becomes necessary.

One of the best accessories that you will ever buy and will save you wasting good pond water and of course, over a short space of time these will save you money off your water bills.

Sizes Available:

  • 1-1/2"
  • 2"


Here at Dankoi we cannot stress enough the importance of doing it right the first time, these superb quality fittings for use with our range of Class E Pressure Pipe is probably the best available. The cost of these have dramtically reduced in recent times making them affordable. Don't settle for anything less than the best!!!.

For help with your pipework and fittings requirements please contact us on 01522-811330 or alternatively e-mail us at info@dankoi.com.

SKU Description Price Order
U40-050 1-1/2 inch Sight Glass (single union each end) £ 39.95 Add To Cart
U40-063 2 inch Sight Glass (single union each end) £ 44.95 Add To Cart
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