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February 01, 2023

Pond Pumps Speck Badu Pumps Speck Badu Eco Touch Pumps

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pumps

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pumps

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro pumps

Introducing the New Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro self-priming circulation pump, thanks to highly innovative motor technology, is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs and water quality proves to be a superb choice for use on koi ponds.

The innovative and patented motor technology of the Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro pumps is revolutionising the previous pump standards from the point of view of energy consumption, operating costs and water quality.

Every pump has three motor speed fields that can be set individually. This guarantees the most effective use and maximum energy saving in all performance ranges. Operation is intuitive. The BADU Eco Touch-pro is ideal for swimming pools and Koi ponds alike.

Different motor speeds for optimum output

The choice between three motor speed fields ensures the most effective output for all operating models e.g.: night mode (low motor speed), filter operation (medium motor speed), backwashes or solar absorber operation (high motor speed).

Individual adjustment for maximum savings

The three variable motor speeds can be programmed individually and can be adjusted from 1000 to 2830 rpm in steps of 50. The empirical values 2000, 2400 and 2830 rpm are then pre-programmed.

The Speck Badu Eco Touch Pump with its excellent efficiency ratings is setting revolutionary standards.

Compared with a conventional induction motor pump, both the operating costs of New Badu Eco Touch and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower. The New Badu Eco Touch Pro pays for itself within 2 years. The patented permanent magnet motor, with an axial rotor, known as the EC motor was perfected for use Specifically on Koi Pond filter systems.

With it's unique three speed settings, Whether the New Badu Eco Touch is used at the low speed or middle speed for filter operation or for filter backwashing at high speed, the preset stages always provide for optimal pump performance in terms of both economy and ecology, Simply Brilliant!, the less the pump speed the less it costs to run.

In addition to the built in control panel, the Speck Badu Eco touch pump can be controlled externally via a seperate control interface panel (available Seprately).

Practical programming and information

A display assists in setting conveniently and shows the motor speeds that have been programmed. The Eco mode deactivates the display illumination, minimising its energy consumption in this way.

Another of the many advantages of the BADU Eco Touch is that it is designed for quiet operation. Many years of experience in the construction of pumps and the use of high-quality materials are guaranteed with the New Badu Eco Touch Pro's Build quality!
Soeck Badu Eco Touch Pro

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro Product Features:

  • Corrosion-resistant due to the high-quality plastics used which is also 100% recyclable.
  • Self-priming which gives a steady circulation and uncomplicated installation.
  • Electrically safe, because of the total electrical separation between the water and the pump shaft.
  • Highly efficient because of our excellent efficiency rating.
  • Pump casing and internal parts made from Polypropylene.
  • German Engineering and design combined for ultimate efficiency.
  • Plastic components are 100% recyclable.
  • Temperature stability up to 60°C.
  • German design mechanical seal using carbon to ceramic sealing surfaces.
  • Simple servicing.
  • Fully factory tested.
  • New 2 part easy screw on / off lid.
  • Stainless Steel shaft.
  • 24 month ex-factory warranty under normal operating conditions from date of purchase.

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro Dimesnions:

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro Dimensions

The Speck Badu range of pumps have been installed on numeous swimming pools and Koi ponds in the past and have always proved to be a very reliable and superbly manufactured pump. With the introduction of the new Speck Badu Eco Touch Pro pump, not only are you buying a pump with a proven track record but are now making the use of these pumps as energy efficient as possible whilst getting the performance you require .

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