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February 03, 2023

Aeration For Koi Ponds Spindrifter Aerated Drain Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kits

Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kits

Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kits
Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kits

The Spindrifter Direct Air Feed Kits are designed to convert the rigid pipe that is installed to carry the Air supply to a hose tail connection for connecting to the Main bottom drain stem of the Spindrifter and also to convert the reigid pipe to flexible Airline for connecting to the Airpump at the filter end.

Originally the extra rigid pipe connection to the spindrifter was simply used to pass an airline down to the bottom drain so that the air line could be connected direct from the Air Pump to the diffuser on the bottom drain.

This obviously created an area for debris and pollutants to collect not to mention the blanket weed.

With the Spindrifter Direct Air Feed kit one of the connections is designed to be solvent welded into the inside of the bottom Drain sump, and the other fitting is designed to be solvent welded to the rigid pipe at the filter end, this in effect allows flexible airline to be connected to each end of the rigid pipe converting the rigid pipe so that the rigid pipe becomes the Airline. A short piece of heavy duty air line is then used to connect the two hosetails inside the bottom drain together forming a water tight sealed connection. The same applies to the other end of the rigid pipe where the second connection is used to take heavy duty airline to the airpumps manifold.

The advantages of this way of installing the bottom drain are numerous not to mention the cost savings of the long runs of airline down the pipe, but makes a sealed connection where decaying matter and blanket weed cannot collect. Altogether a healthier way of doing things. This method of installing the bottom drain with the direct air feed kits also significantly reduce the back pressure on the Airpump.

The direct air feed kits are available in numerous sizes depending on the type of installation and size of drain being used, the two popular sizes are the 1" PVC pressure and 40mm black solvent weld/ PVC pressure metric sizes.

If you are unsure what you require please contact us at info@dankoi.com or phone us for advice.

The Spindrifter bottom drain is known worldwide for it's quality of build and unique design. This unit completely replaces the "Standard Bottom Drain".

The most noticeable feature of the Spindrifter Aerated Bottom is the extra connection in the sump of the drain. This allows the air supply hose to enter the sump independent of the water outlet pipe, thus eliminating the possibility of restriction to the water flow and somewhere else for blanket weed to attach.

The membrane and backing plate fit into a recess in the specially manufactured dome (provided). The recess in the dome prevents the membrane from becoming detached. The complete assembly is secured to the bottom drain by means of a stem, which also provides the air inlet. Most water pipe sizes can be accommodated, the customer to specify. The air inlet is via a nickel plated connector.

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