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January 30, 2023

Aeration For Koi Ponds Suction Domes

Suction Domes

Suction domes are the perfect solution for those of us that have omitted to install bottom drains during the initial construction of their Koi Pond.

These easily installed retro-fit 'bottom drains' simply rest on the floor of the pond and enable waste particles to be removed from the bottom of the pond.

Suction domes (bottom drains) can be connected to both submersible and dry mounted pumps.

Suction domes are available aerated or non-aerated, the aerated version adds that much needed oxygen to the pond and also adds to the performance of the drain as the rising air will create added suction to the bottom of the drain resulting in inproved efficience of up to 30%.
Suction Domes
Suction Domes