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February 01, 2023

Suction Domes

Suction Domes

Suction Domes

These suction domes also know as portable bottom drains or suction drains are an ideal solution to adding a retro-fit bottom drain to any of the Aquosis Show Vats or any existing pond where a bottom drain was omitted during the original construction.

Suction domes are a great device and once connected will greatly improve the water circulation around any pond. This improved water circulation helps remove suspended particles and debris from the bottom of your pond resulting in reduced maintenance.

Available in two options, aerated and non-aerated, the new aerated suction dome is up to 30% more efficient in pulling the solid waste into the drain compared with the non aerated version.

These suction domes come complete with a 90° degree bend and a stepped hose tail with 5 metres of air line (included with the aerated version) to fit into a 4mm or 8 mm connector. Alternatively, the suction dome will take 2" pipe work direct to the 90° degree bend.


  • Length 380mm (15")
  • Height 130mm (5 1/4")
SKU Description Price Order
WSDP Weighted Suction Dome and Plate C a l l C a l l
WSDPA Weighted Suction Dome and Plate - Aerated C a l l C a l l
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