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April 01, 2023

Pond Filtration SuperBead Bead Filter SuperBead Bead Filter - Large

SuperBead Bead Filter - Large

SuperBead Bead Filter - Large
Superbead Bead Filter Large

The SuperBead Bead Filter system is the original Beadfilter; the mother of all other Bead Filter Systems!

Bead Filtration goes back to the 80’s when professor Ronald F. Malone from the USA marked the beginning of the floating Bead filters commonly known today. These filters are well known under the name BubbleBead filters.

The SuperBead combines fine mechanical filtration with biological filtration. The SuperBead is used for koi and swimming ponds, as well as swimming pools. The filter features a different rinsing process than ordinary Beadfilter systems and sand filtersremoving the necessity for high powered blowers and high pressure ecternal pumps.

Some of the SuperBead’s benefits:
  • Suitable for use in energy efficient pumps
  • Easy to use
  • No additional air pumps (less wear and tear, maintenance and less sensitive to moisture/water)
  • Excellent biological filtration
  • Less energy consumption
  • Easy to automate with the optional automatic backwash system

The SuperBead Bead Filters are easy to recognise because of their hour glass shape. This shape is necessary to obtain a laminar flow which is as high as possible, in this way, the floating bed remains steady, this ensures that there is an even water distribution thoughout all the beads which results in better mechanical and biological filtration.

The SuperBead’s hourglass shape ensures:
  • A steady flow of water through the filter
  • Excellent distribution of water over the filter bed
  • More efficient rinsing process
  • The prevention of dead corners.

The Superbead Bead Filter is capable of processing very high feeding levels, this is achieved by the efficeiency of both the mechanical and biological filtering capabilities. This is the result of a highly effective usable surface of the beads (1300m2 a m3). The soils are removed quickly due to the good washing system without destructing the biology of the filter. Using this technique just makes your biological bacteria more active again. Rotting cannot take place in the filter because of the unique shape without dead corners.

Brief description of the SuperBead’s operation

  • The - coarsely pre-filtered - water is pumped into the filter
  • The beads float at the top and are motionless
  • The beads capture check fine dirt particles down to 20 microns in size
  • The biological filtration occurs at the surface of the beads
  • The trapped dirt is regularly removed by rinsing the filter
  • Rinsing can be easily automated

One of the most underestimated factors in a Koi pond in the quantity of SS (Suspended Solids). These are small particles of food residue, faeces, algae and other external polutants which contaminate your pond water. A high level of Suspended Solids deplete the water of large amounts of oxygen. As we all know, oxygen is vital for fish health, and the better the oxygen levels the healthier the fish will be. This is not only essential for their health but also their growth and development. These Suspened Solids which deprive the fish of that all important oxygen are going to be removed by the efficiencey of the Superbead's mechanical and biological filtration. These Suspended Solids which deplete the available oxygen (O2) from the water are going to be removed before the particles dissolve or convert to TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), resulting in the water staying in optimal condition. The Superbead Bead Filter has reliably proved that they can remove these small particles out of the water

The removing of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) from the water when passing the filter oncer is:

  • 100 percent of all soil from 50 micron and higher
  • 60 percent of all soil from between 20 and 50 micron.
  • 50 percent of all soil from between 5 and 20 micron.

The removing of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) during a one time pass of the pond water through the filter is (1 micron = 0.001mm).

One of the major benefits of the SuperBead in comparison to other sand/bead filters is the required pump pressure. The SuperBead can easily be operated using low-pressure highly energy-efficient pumps such as the FlowFriend, Blue-Eco or even the superfish range of pumps. Modified sand filters often require a two to four-fold increase in pumping capacity to pump the same net volume of water through the filter.

The SuperBead Features:

  • Operates on energy-efficient low-pressure pumps
  • Does not damage the biological system during rinsing
  • Uses little rinse water (Small +/- 150 litres | Large +/- 400 litres)
  • Provides high flow at low pressure (Small max. 14 m3/hour | Large max. 25 m3/hour)
  • Has a large biological capacity (Small 400 gram/day | Large 1 kg/day)
  • Has large connectors - (Small 75 mm/Large 90 mm)
  • Easy to rinse (shut off pump and let it run empty)
  • Easily automated using the automated kit (sold Seperately)

SuperBead Installation:

The SuperBead Bead Filter requires a pre-filtering system, such as the SuperSieve, Uktrasieve III or Midi Sieve. The SuperBead is easy to install anywhere, below as well as above the water level. In addition, the SuperBead can easily be installed further away from the pond, provided that due consideration is given to the pipe diameters. Because it is a closed filter, its placement inside does not cause any moisture, odour or insect problems. Since the SuperBead does not have any electric components, such as a blower, it is also easy to install it outside. If the waste water sewer is located far away, the pump can also be connected such that the waste water is directly pumped to the sewer. An additional component set is available for this purpose.

Automating the Backwash Process:

Automating the SuperBead’s rinsing process is one of the best ways of ensuring high water quality. The filter in that case is fully automatically rinsed; for example every day. This means that any dirt is automatically removed each day. The automatic set (90 mm) comes with a 2x 220V plug. The system pump is connected such that the pump stops during rinsing. If desired, a waste water pump can be connected that is activated during the rinsing process and suctions the water from the SuperBead and pumps it to the sewer.

Superbead Bead Filter Dimensions - Large

Benefits of the SuperBead Filter

  • An energy-efficient pump is sufficient (50-80% more efficient)
  • Does not require an external air pump for rinsing (vulnerable)
  • Can be fully installed outside
  • Very compact: 80 x 80 cm area required for koi ponds up to 50 m3
  • Steady flow through filter: more effective dirt removal
  • Effective dirt removal: less protein, ammonia, nitrite, phosphate and nitrate
  • Effective dirt removal: improved oxygen level
  • Rinsing process does not affect the biological system
  • Rinsing process promotes the start-up of the biological system
  • Minimal rinse water loss
  • Dirt is removed immediately from the filter (water) during rinsing
  • Removes dirt particles up to 5 microns (0.005 mm)
  • Easy to operate: only need to allow the filter to run empty
  • Easy to automate
  • Closed system; no moisture, vermin or odours
  • Suitable for swimming ponds and swimming pools
  • Large supply and discharge connectors (75/90 mm)
  • Can be used above and below water level
  • Maximum resistance is less than 1 metre pump lift

The Large Superbead Bead Filter is suitable for pond up to 8000 gallons.

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