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January 31, 2023

Pond Filtration SuperBead Bead Filter SuperBead Superset 25 Bead Filter System

SuperBead Superset 25 Bead Filter System

SuperBead Superset 25 Bead Filter System
Superbead Superset 25

The Superbead Superset 25 is a high specification, complete 'plug and play' filter system for ponds up to 5500 gallons

The Super-set 25 comes complete with all the necessary connections and fittings in high grade ABS pressure pipe and is pre-assembled ready to install with minimal plumbing. All you neee to connect os the bottom drain, return to the pond and watse pipe.

The superset 25 uses a submersible 40watt amalgam UVC which means that unecessary restrictions in flow are avoided and the syustem can run at low pressure and low wattage with the efficient 17000lph pump.

The backwash cycle involves switching off the pump, closing two slide valves, opening two other slide valves and switching the pump on again, the water is then sucked from the superbead resulting in a very thorough and effective clean. The sieve is simply cleaned manually in a few minutes.

The backwash of the Superbead is simple and effective and can be performed in around three minutes.

There is an optional automatic programmable backwash kit available so the whole process can be automated if required.

The Superbead Superset 25 Includes:
  • Super-Sieve - 300 micron Sieve with 3 x 110mm Connections
  • 40w Submersible Amalgam UVC
  • Air Aqua 17,000 lph pump
  • Small Superbead Bead Filter
  • All ABS Pipework, valves, connections and fittings

Please note, additional pipework will be required to connect the bottom drain/drains to the sieve and return pipework to the pond and wast connection.

In Brief, this is a superb ultra-efficient system, for more information on the Superbead Small Bead filter please click on the link below

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SUPER25 Superbead Superset 25 Complete Bead Filter System £ 2465.00 Add To Cart

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