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April 01, 2023

Drum Filters SuperDrum Drum Filters SuperDrum Small Drum Filter

SuperDrum Small Drum Filter

SuperDrum Small Drum Filter

SUPERDRUM Drum Filter - Small

The Super Drum is a high quality drum filter fabricated from stainless steel. This Drumfilter is designed with professional parts and years of experience in the aquaculture industry. Designed and proven for aquacultur, farm and water treatment plants where high demands on quality, reliability and simplicity are required.

Why a Super Drum Drum Filter

There have already been many filters with the high expectations in the past. In the 80s it was the vortex associated with a bottom drain. Later came the turn of Sieve filters. Each filter had its pros and cons but the truely superb pre-filter was not here yet. Then in the early 2000's the first drum filters were used on Koi ponds.

In the early days people were declared insane, why, overpriced and pointlesswas the common thought. It took 6 to 7 years before more and more people began to see the benefits and the point of proper pre-filtration.

In the following years several players came on the market offering drum filters and yet still people saw no benefit in a perfect filtration system. But now there are more affordable options thyat have hit the market, the quality certainly is not inferior to the first drum filters and in the last four years the market is really taking off.

People are now seeing more and more merchants and constomer ponds running drum filters. The advantage is that a drum filter traps dirt and sediment better than anu other filter system on the market, the fixed costs to run this filter is a few pounds only per year. The drum Filters are also very low on mainenance? Every now and then make sure everything is working properly, and give the drum a quick pressure wash to keep in it's optimum condition.

How does a Super Drum Drum Filter

A drum filter is a filter which in a very simple way provides very fine pollution removal (<60mu) from a ponds water. The water flows gravity or pump fed to the the drum filter where the dirt gets separated from the water. The water flows through the inside of the filter drum through the wall to the exterior of the drum filter. On the wall of the drum is mounted a mesh which has a certain granularity (default 60 mu). This gauze filters out the debris which is collected as mentioned on the inside of the actual Drum.

This control system constantly monitors the water level in the drum filter. This can be for both gravity fed and pump fed systems for the drum filter. At the time that the drum filter becomes close to catching its maximum level of dirt the water level will change in the drum filter itsel. In the gravity system, the water level drops behind the drum. In a pump system, the water level fed to the drum increases. If the measurement for a period of + / - measuring a difference 7 seconds, the electronics of the drum rinsing cucle begins.

During this rinsing cycle, when flushing begins, the drive motor rotating the drum filter will be activated and water from the pressure syringe pump (3.5 bar) will be blasted from the nozzles and clean the rotaing drum. The nozzle's spray the water from the exterior of the drum to the inside in order to remove the dirt that has been collected by the drum. This dirty water the inside of the drum filter is taken away of by means of a chute through which the water flows to the sewage system.

Once the water level is back to the correct level, the drum filter's 5 second flushing is deemed to give a thoroughly good cleanin. After that the pressure pump and drive motor stop and the electronic measurement process begins all over again monitoring the drum until the next rins is deemed necessary.

Advantages Super Drum

The Super Drum has a number of advantages making it a compact and complete filter system whole allowing a very divers range of connections for multiple bottom drains and surface skimmers alike.

Advantages Super Drum:

  • Internal overflow
  • Internal bypass System
  • 24 volt drive
  • Special stainless steel mesh with a high permeability
  • Can been washed with lower pressure (3.5 bar)
  • Internal flush function
  • Open coil duct
  • Easy to remove upper drum
  • Open inlet into the drum
  • integrated flushing pump (excluding the Super Drum small model)
  • security lock
  • Removable nozzles without tools
  • Low height
  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • IP65 Rated
  • Double cover/lid.
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