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February 01, 2023

Pond Water Treatments Virasure Koi

Virasure Koi


Virasure Koi is the most revolutionary, advanced biosecure range of products for the Koi Keeper in the world. Unlike many other products on the market Virasure Koi was designed with Koi Carp in mind producing a unique blend of perfect ingredients at the forefront of modern science to develop a revolutionary unthinkable array of benefits to your pond and ultimately to your Koi.

Many of these benefits are so revolutionary that they were dismissed as 'impossible' by many hobbyists when the products were launched, but now 3 years on, and many years after extensive testing both hobbyists and professionals alike are truly amazed at the continuing pleasure and simplicity that this range of products has brought to the difficult and stressful side of Koi Keeping. A Modern, simple, safe, easy to use answer to all bacterial issues.

Virasure-Koi is a range of products especially designed to eliminate the increasing bio-security risks faced by Koi and Koi-Keepers.

The Virasure Koi product range consists of products developed especially for use with Koi, so you can be rest assued that the products do exactly what they are intended and are not just a spin off idea from another products or 'yesterday's technology'.

The range has been scientifically researched and is believed to be the most advanced modern science involved in Koi Keeping worldwide, this research and development is ongoing and the range is internationally recognised as the leader in bio-security for fish. The products are produced in clean room standards to ensure that the highest quality is achieved throughout.
Virasure Koi - Hand Wash Bactericide
Virasure Koi - Hand Wash Bactericide
Virasure Koi - Pond Conditioning Tablets
Virasure Koi - Pond Conditioning Tablets