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April 01, 2023

Viresco Koi

Viresco Koi
Viresco Koi

Viresco Koi is a micro-organism based product for suppressing blanketweed and algae bloom in ponds, 25g treats 15,000 gallons (68,100L).

Viresco Koi is an environmentally friendly blanketweed treatment that provides a non-chemical method of controlling blanket weed and also improving the health and vitality of pond fish.

Viresco Koi contains a group of micro-organisms that reduces the growth of blanketweed and algae by efficient microbial reduction of nitrates and phosphates, so starving the blanketweed and algae of it's food source. The advantage of these types of biological blanketweed treatments is that they have no harmful effect on the filter or fish even if overdosed.

Viresco also claim an improvement in fish health because the microbes in their product out compete the disease causing bacteria that are present in all ponds, and prevent them reaching a level where they can pose a danger to your fish.
  • Viresco Koi is a micro organism based product for suppressing blanketweed and algae bloom in ponds.
  • Viresco Koi is harmless to fish and plants.V
  • Viresco Koi is non chemical, totally biological, improves fish health and removes nitrate.
  • Viresco Koi also reduces phosphate, clarifies water and is harmless to wildlife.
Viresco Koi Directions For Use:

Mix Viresco Koi with a small amount of pond water and leave for a few hours before adding to the pond. The product comes as a dry powder that has a long shelf life and is supplied with very detailed instructions and a comprehensive frequently asked questions sheet.
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