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February 01, 2023

Yamitsu Algae Masters

Yamitsu Algae Masters

Yamitsu are probably one of the best known manufacturers of prducts for the Koi enthusiast and pond keeper in the UK. They have been making a highly efficient yet affordable range of products since around 1990, here in the UK. Their vast experience in this industry not only ensures that there is a solution for you, but also that it is built and designed to run constantly all year providing performance and reliability.

The Yamitsu Algae Master range of Ultra Violet Clarifiers are constructed in UV stabilised materials to enhance the products life expectancy and contain a turbulator to ensure maximum efficiency as the water passes through. As mentioned above, these Algae Masters come in a vast range of sizes catering for ponds as little as 200 gallons through the range to 30000 gallon. Even larger units can be specially made up on request.

Single UV Lamps Multi UV Lamps
Model Pond Volume No. of Lamps Model Pond Volume No. of Lamps
11 Watt 1,500 gallons 1 x 11 watt 60 watt 8,500 gallons 2 x 30 watt
15 watt 2,000 gallons 1 x 15 watt 110 watt 11,400 gallons 2 x 55 watt
30 watt 4,500 gallons 1 x 30 watt 120 watt 16,200 gallons 4 x 30 watt
55 watt 6,000 gallons 1 x 55 watt 180 watt 23000 gallons 6 x 30 watt

SKU Description Price Order
YAM11UVC Yamitsu 11 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 53.99 Add To Cart
YAM15UVC Yamitsu 15 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 64.99 Add To Cart
YAM30UVC Yamitsu 30 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 99.00 Add To Cart
YAM55UVC Yamitsu 55 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 125.00 Add To Cart
YAM60UVC Yamitsu 60 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 175.00 Add To Cart
YAM110UVC Yamitsu 110 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 209.00 Add To Cart
YAM120UVC Yamitsu 120 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 389.00 Add To Cart
YAM180UVC Yamitsu 180 watt Ultra-Violet Clarifier £ 599.00 Add To Cart

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